TouchArcade Game of the Week: Shift Shaft – TouchArcade

If there is one genre that is the hardest to crack in terms of fresh ideas, then it has to be the match-3 genre, right? I sincerely think that by this point we have gone through every possible permutation of the game by coincidence, so there can be nothing that could open something new in such a tired genre. Right? Not right! Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you Shaft shifta matching game that is really fun!

Okay, “interesting” is pretty much underrated in this game. This is definitely one of the most strategy games I have ever played. First of all, let me state that this is not a game where you swap any tiles on the board like most matching games do. This is a “click on a group of 3 or more tiles to make them disappear” style of play. And let me tell you, I’m not usually a fan of those. Like in general.

Somehow, however, Shaft shift makes it work. Probably because the actual tile matching is secondary here. The essence of the game is to move your little hero around the playing field to fight enemies or collect treasures. Yes, usually you open an exit by matching a certain number of blocks, but rarely is that your only goal. It’s almost like searching for dungeons in the first place.

That everything is good, but not the newest, even in the world of match-3 games. What really struck me Shaft shift and the main thing that makes it different from any other game is your ability to spin the whole board at will. Sounds simple, but it’s changing all. This makes touch matching a lot more interesting because you can choose which direction is “down” and therefore where new blocks will fall into empty spaces.

Not only blocks, but also your character and enemies. What could be some mindless touch-based gameplay actually makes you think many moves ahead and in all possible directions thanks to the ability to rotate the playing field. Throw in a bunch of really cool power-ups, enemies with unique attack patterns to consider, and a bunch of permanent upgrades to spend your hard-earned gems and Shaft shift becomes much more than just another matching game.

I really can’t remember a recent game that would be so hard for me to put down, but Shaft shift did it to me this week. Like the best roguelikes, sometimes even your best-laid plans can fall apart and you’ll find your run ends completely unexpectedly, and when that happens, I often feel like I’m about to break my screen to get started. then a new game. This is really a combination game of a thinking person. Shaft shift only costs a few dollars with no ads or IAP, and if you take it, be prepared to be sucked in for a long time.

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