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I was very excited when we first learned last month that Awesome Games Studio would be introducing their famous run and gun shooter. Unleashed Rage to mobile devices. The game has been described as a mixture of roguelike elements and loot similar to something like dead cellsbut in a run-and-gun shooter format similar to something like Contra or metal slug. That description alone hit all the right buttons for me, and I was thrilled that it would be a full-featured, premium-priced port of the game and even include online co-op from other platforms.

I was right to be excited Unleashed Fury is awesome! But cool… with caveats. The more I played, the more the pros outweighed any cons I noticed, but it’s still worth noting that some problems arose in Fury Unleashed travel on mobile. First, it’s just a complete lack of brilliance. Text is too small, random popups that seem like they should contain text have a programming language instead, some UI elements or menus seem badly placed, etc. All the little things and all the fixable things, and nothing from the game. breaks, but it stands out in a game that will set you back nine dollars.

A bigger issue for most is likely to be virtual controls. They’re not bad, but their placement feels a bit odd and it’s hard to be accurate with them in the heat of battle when things get hectic. The ability to customize the size and position of the virtual buttons will certainly help, but this is a fast-paced game by nature and I feel that even the best virtual controls can break in certain situations. Fortunately, this iOS version supports physical controllers, and if you had one, I would definitely play that way. But, as I said, the controls are quite serviceable, just don’t expect miracles.

With everything you said Unleashed Fury still one hell of a game. It creates a roguelike looter shooter vibe with a really clever 4th wall breaking premise and comic book motif. After initial disappointment, especially after so many expectations, the more I played the iOS port Unleashed Fury the more I warmed up to it, and now I can barely tear myself away from it. I still prefer it with a controller, but I enjoy it when I don’t have one. I’m encouraged that the developers have stated on our forums that they take note of all the feedback and will improve this version of iOS, but even in its current state, if you have the right expectations, there’s a lot to love about it. Unleashed Rage.

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