To celebrate 10 years of Journey, iOS and PC game is on sale for a limited time – TouchArcade

Annapurna Interactive has discounted their full iOS catalog a few times already, and I’ll be sure to remind everyone of that given how good these games are. Brilliant Travel ($1.99) from thatgamecompany celebrates its 10th anniversary this week. Travel debuted in March 2012 on PS3 and it has since been ported to PS4 before being ported to iOS and PC by Annapurna Interactive. Travel is one of the most important games for me because of the visuals, music, interactions and how it all comes together to create an unforgettable experience. Read my Journey iOS review. Look Travel App Store trailer below:

In honor of the 10th anniversary Travel, it dropped to $1.99 on iOS and $7.49 on PC storefronts. There is also fan meeting in game March 13. you can grab Travel in App Store for iOS here and PC via Steam here and epic games store here. Soundtrack to Travel also receives new repress on vinyl. If you haven’t played Travel however, it’s definitely worth checking out even at full price. The low asking price right now makes it even easier to recommend. You played Travel years ago on the PlayStation, or have you tested it through the iOS and PC ports?

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