The Queen and the Sea DLC is now available on mobile devices with a massive free update – TouchArcade

Previously announced Motion Twin and Playdigious dead cells ($4.99) The Queen and the Sea DLC for iOS and Android is finally out. This paid add-on brings new biomes, weapons, and bosses, as well as a massive free update for iOS and Android with the “It’s Here” and “Practice Makes Perfect” updates. If you haven’t played dead cells on mobile after a while and wondering what free content is included in today’s update, check out the details for “It’s All Here” and “Practice Makes Perfect” here. Sean did a review of the DLC Switch here. With today’s update for dead cells on mobile devices, the game is now compliant with version 2.7 for PC and consoles. Version 2.8 Break the Bank has only recently arrived on other platforms, but Playdigious has done a great job of reducing the time between updates for the mobile version. Check out the launch trailer for the DLC and the free mobile update below:

dead cells The Queen and the Sea add-on is available now for mobile platforms for $3.99. The DLC for PC and consoles is $4.99. To celebrate the release of the DLC, dead cells currently discounted on iOS and Android for a limited time. If you didn’t buy dead cells on mobile devices, read our review of the iOS port of launch here. I’ll cover the new updates and DLC soon in a separate article to see how far the mobile version has come since launch. If you are using iOS, you can buy it at App Store. Check it out on Google Play here for android. If you’re not sure whether to take it to mobile or Switch, read my comparison here. What do you think about dead cells and its current status on mobile?

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