The amazing soundtracks of Pixel Remaster Final Fantasy are now available with the recent release of Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remaster – TouchArcade

At the end of last month Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remaster ($17.99) by Square Enix is ​​out on iOS, Android, and Steam as the final release of the current version. last fantasy Pixel Remaster series. Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remaster was probably what most people were looking forward to considering the original game. For me, Final Fantasy IV Pixel Remaster is the most important one. Overall, Square Enix has done a great job with these releases in many ways, but the current mobile and PC releases are still lacking due to the terrible font (which can be modded on PC) and some jitter issues. If you haven’t followed the Pixel Remaster series so far, these releases include UI improvements, auto-battle options, a remastered soundtrack, and updated pixel art. Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remaster has received a few more improvements as seen in recent gameplay. Today Square Enix released full last fantasy Soundtracks for the Pixel Remaster series on iTunes. These include all new arrangements for six games. Watch the comparison trailer for Final Fantasy IV Pixel Remaster soundtrack below:

If you, like me, liked the new arrangements in last fantasy Pixel Remaster, you can now get soundtrack albums. Check out the official website for last fantasy Pixel Remaster soundtracks here. All of them are available on iTunes right now (not yet on Apple Music or Spotify for streaming). Square Enix usually releases music on streaming services a little later, with digital releases now arriving on the same day as physical discs in Japan. Be sure to read Sean’s reviews of Pixel Remasters of last fantasy here, final fantasy 2 here, Final Fantasy III here, Final Fantasy IV here, Final Fantasy V here and Final Fantasy VI here. You received last fantasy Pixel Remaster is out now on mobile or Steam, what do you think of the new musical arrangements?

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