Strategic Roguelike ‘Monster Train’ deck building in development for global release on mobile – TouchArcade

As Talbs noted on our forums, Shiny Shoe showed that strategic deck building in the roguelike genre monster train is in development for mobile devices and aims for a global release. Last month, the developer announced that a special adaptation was released. in works for the Chinese mobile market, but there was no news about the global version. In the latest news post on monster train On the Steam page, Shiny Shoe talked about how the game works on Valve’s new Steam Deck, but also casually mentioned that the team has been focusing on the mobile space for a while, while development for a global launch is ongoing. monster train on (REDACTED). monster train already on Steam Deck, and it’s even playable on xCloud for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers, so it’s definitely mobile-friendly. If you haven’t played yet, check it out. monster train trailer below:

The announcement also mentions that the team does not have any confirmed information to share right now, but it is under development. Hopefully we’ll get some news soon because games like this shine on handheld devices. If you are interested monster train and can’t wait for the future mobile version, it’s available on Nintendo Switch. You can also play it on Xbox and PC platforms. Based on the news about the Steam Deck version, it definitely looks good on Valve’s handheld. I’m always up for more premium deck building games on the iPad. Hopefully it gets all the care it needs to translate all interactions so it feels right at home on potentially iOS and Android in the future. I’ll keep an eye on this as it seems right to me. you played monster train also, will you test it in the future on mobile devices?

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