Souls-Inspired 2D RPG ‘Watcher Chronicles’ Coming to Mobile and Switching This Month – TouchArcade

Back in January of this year, Third Sphere Game Studios launched its Souls– inspired by 2D hack ‘n slash RPG Watcher Chronicles on the Steam, and it has since received quite positive feedback from PC players. The premise of the game is that evil forces have come together to take over Purgatory and turn it into the next Hell. As a lost soul wandering through Purgatory, you won’t let a bunch of assholes stop you from experiencing the sweet relief of final death. And so you must fight. And fight and fight and fight against all sorts of nasty enemies and 20 debilitating bosses. IN Watcher Chronicles death is your destiny and you will die many. Now, after several months of success on PC, Watcher Chronicles Coming to iOS, Android and Switch later this month.

As you can see from the mobile announcement trailer, Watcher Chronicles looks bad. It also sounds pretty damn metallic. I think that’s exactly what happens when your game takes place in Purgatory. And those boss fights? TWENTY of them? I don’t think this game is for the faint of heart. Planned to launch Watcher Chronicles on iOS, Android and Switch on the same day, April 28th. In terms of pricing, things differ slightly between platforms. iOS and Android will be free to download with access to the first area with a one-time $7.99 IAP unlocking the rest of the game. Must love to try before you buy a model. On Switch, it will be priced like the PC version, which is $19.99 for the entire enchilada up front. Check it out later this month.

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