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Tunisia map

Tunisia map

Tunisia used to be as soon as the most important participant within the Mediterranean because of its location within the middle of North Africa, on the subject of necessary transport lanes.

French colonial rule resulted in 1956, and for 3 many years Tunisia used to be led through Habib Bourguiba, who promoted secular concepts, maximum particularly the emancipation of ladies.

Huge protests toppled President Ben Ali in 2011, the primary of a chain of well-liked uprisings that experience swept the area, however President Qais Mentioned has sought to revive authoritarian rule in 2022.

President: Qais Mentioned

Tunisian President Kais Said

Tunisian President Kais Mentioned

Retired regulation professor Qais Syed gained a landslide victory over media multi-millionaire Nabil Karui within the October 2019 presidential runoff.

Mr. Mentioned, who used to be 61 on the time of his election, campaigned on an anti-corruption platform and spoke immediately to younger citizens.

In 2022, he performed a chain of measures to support the ability of the president on the expense of parliament and the judiciary.

Riots that toppled the Tunisian government in 2011

Social media performed a key position within the huge protests that resulted in the overthrow of the federal government in 2011.

Tunisian media now revel in extra freedom than prior to the 2011 well-liked rebellion.

Social media performed a key position within the rebellion.

Some key dates within the trendy historical past of Tunisia:

Tunisian leader Habib Bourguiba

Habib Bourguiba, pictured in 1955 on his go back from exile, led Tunisia to independence in 1956 till he used to be ousted in 1987.

1881 – French troops occupy Tunisia, using out the Ottoman troops.

1956 – Tunisia turns into impartial with Habib Bourguiba as top minister.

2011 – Huge protests power President Ben Ali to go away the rustic, inspiring different Arab Spring uprisings.

2022 – President Qais Mentioned imposes presidential rule, undermining the authority of Parliament.

Former President of Tunisia Ben Ali

President Ben Ali used to be overthrown in a well-liked rebellion in 2011 after 24 years in energy.

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