It’s Still a Space Thing – Action Platform Sequel to Brad Erkkila’s “It’s a Space Thing” Coming Soon to Mobile Devices – TouchArcade

Our old buddy Brad Erkkila, creator of many great solo projects such as FlipChamps as well as Pals Castleas well as a frequent co-creator of such games as Golf Zero as well as hooligan fight, another new mobile game is gaining popularity. This time it’s a continuation of the 2016 release. It’s a space thing, which was an arcade shooter in which your goal was to blow up an opponent who was running across the ceiling in front of you. Think about it kinda like pong meets space invaders. In the game, you and your opponent had blasters with limited firing power and reload time, as well as the ability to place up to 3 shield-like platforms to temporarily protect yourself from enemy explosions. Well this new game is called It’s still a cosmic thing, and it takes that core combat mechanic from the previous game, but uses it in what appears to be a full-fledged traditional action-platformer. Check out this trailer.

As you can see, instead of being on a single screen that rotates and fires vertically at an enemy on the ceiling, It’s still a cosmic thing flips the action to a horizontal position and gives you the ability to complete entire levels with your newfound jumping ability. And the jetpack, and I’m pretty sure I spotted the submarine too. However, the important thing is that you still have limited ammo and the ability to throw a few barricades to protect yourself from harm. I’m excited to see this mechanic play out in a more traditional action platform game. There is no information yet on when It’s still a cosmic thing will not be released “soon” so we just have to stay tuned for more news and enjoy watching this awesome trailer over and over again.

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