Is each reward a present?

As with tapasya, all giving additionally has an ignorant tamasic, ostentatious rajasic or selfless and enlightened sattvic persona. The reward of tamas is obtainable ignorantly, with out regard to the right kind prerequisites of time, position, and object; this is a silly, inconsiderate and, if truth be told, egocentric motion, ungenerous and ignoble generosity, a present given with out sympathy or true generosity, with out regard for the sentiments of the recipient and despised by way of him even if approved.

The rajasic form of giving is that which is completed with be apologetic about, unwillingness or violence in opposition to oneself, or for a non-public and egocentric function, or within the hope of a few more or less go back from some aspect or of a corresponding or larger get advantages to oneself from the recipient. .

The sattvic manner of giving is to offer with the proper explanation why, benevolence and sympathy, beneath the proper prerequisites, on the proper time and in the proper position, and to the recipient who’s worthy or to whom the reward can in point of fact be helpful. His motion is carried out for the sake of giving and beneficence with none function for get advantages.

The fruits of the sattvic trail of dana will carry into motion the rising component of that extensive self-giving to others, to the arena and to God, atma-dana, atma-samarpan, which is the prime sanctification of the sacrifice of labors. prescribed by way of the Gita.

And transcendence within the divine nature would be the largest fullness of self-giving, in accordance with the best sense of lifestyles.

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