Hearthstone’s Year of the Hydra kicks off with the launch of Journey to the Sunken City on April 12 – TouchArcade

We knew about Hearthstone The next big expansion titled Journey to the Sunken City has been around for a while, but Blizzard has also been teasing that they will reveal the full roadmap of where they will be heading with the game now that their latest season, Year of the Griffin, is now wrapping up. Today they revealed what the new season of the game will be like, and it’s called the Year of the Hydra. First of all, when the “Year of the Griffin” was dedicated to adding many new modes and ways to play. home, the development team says that Year of the Hydra will not so much add new modes, but will complement all existing game modes with new content and features. For details on Journey to the Sunken City, as well as an overview of what else is planned for the Year of Hydra, check out this developer video.

As always, you can find even more detailed analysis of the Year of the Hydra. on the home blog. It looks like the game will be undergoing a significant change this season, with 57 cards being replaced by the core set, but 72 cards will appear for a total of 250 cards, 15 cards more than last season. When the new expansion comes out, it also means that the old Outland Ruins, Scholomance Academy, and Madness Fair will be replaced to make room. Battlegrounds will also be reorganizing its main events into seasons like Hearthstone the add-ons themselves, and Mercenaries will now be hoarding all their new goodies for X.4 updates, so it has a chance to shine a bit without major updates to other attention-grabbing modes. Version 23.0 from home is available on the App Store right now and you can get full details of what it includes on the home blog. Journey to the Sunken City is scheduled for April 12, when the year of the Hydra officially begins.

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