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The French thinker Blaise Pascal posed a fascinating predicament referred to as Pascal’s Bet. It occurs like this. Even though it’s inconceivable to grasp evidently whether or not God exists or now not, one should wager at the lifestyles of God. Pascal argues that it’s extra winning for an individual to wager that God in reality exists than vice versa. His rational being, if one believes that God exists, and He in reality exists, then he earns the everlasting bliss of divine blessing. And this sort of believer has little to lose if He in reality does now not exist.

While, if an individual does now not consider that God exists, and He in reality exists, he loses the potential for divine blessings. But even so, the skeptic has not anything to realize if He does not in reality exist in the end.

Within the Bhagavad Gita, verses 2:32-38, Arjun feels regret for taking part in a bloody fratricidal warfare. Krishn informs him that since warfare has already been declared, he has a selection of combating or deserting. If he fought, he would both win or die a hero’s demise. Give up will handiest convey shame, and a valiant demise is best than a lifetime of shame.

This predicament applies to on a regular basis existence as smartly. As an example, you want to come to a decision about trusting a brand new acquaintance or colleague. It’s higher to believe, as a result of if the conclusion is justified, this contributes to a mutually really helpful dating. Differently, you may well be lacking out a bit. Alternatively, the incredulous loses a possible pal.

Tennyson mentioned in an elegy to a pal who died younger, “It is higher to like and lose / Than by no means love in any respect.”

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