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Hello everyone and welcome to the week! It’s time to take another look at the noteworthy updates of the past seven days. Easter already? It feels like Easter is coming soon. Perhaps some of today’s updates will be related to the holiday? I don’t know why I’m ashamed of it, I already know what’s inside. But you won’t, unless you’re re-reading this article. In that case… thanks? Of course, you can stay tuned for updates yourself by participating in the TouchArcade forums. This weekly review is only meant to tell you about things you may have missed. Let’s do it!


Final Fantasy VIX Pixel remaster goes through the same process Final Fantasy Vdone. You need to find and fix tons of bugs and unintended behavior one after another. This update fixes a lot of them, especially those related to consuming resources even when undoing actions. I’m sure there will be more bugs and soon this game will be back on these pages. Maybe one day they can fix all the major bugs and come up with something with this font.

Crayola Create & Play+Getting into both Apple Arcade and the regular version of the App Store Crayola Create and play this is the spring update of the app. There are all kinds of spring and easter activities including coloring, pixel art, egg decorating and more. This is just the start of a fun month that will include Unicorn Week and an Easter event. Crayola rules! Is it… they still use that slogan? Oh my god, I’ve so regrettably lost touch anymore. Can anyone find me my slippers? Where did I put mine Morbius Tickets?

GrindstoneA couple of weeks ago in Grindstone. Popular puzzle game Apple Arcade got more levels for Carnival this week. To be very precise, there are fifteen new levels to play. There is also a new blueprint for Paint Potion. I almost missed the “t” in the word “Paint” when I typed this, and that would have been a completely different potion. Well, anyway. New levels. Run and solve them now.

LEGO® Star Wars™: CastawaysOne from Apple Arcade lego titles gets an elegant new update that also introduces a new event based on Boba Fett book. In fact, he introduces the event system as a concept into the game, which means that this is just the first of many such things. There are also several new Hippodrome levels where you will team up with other players to take down enemies in various arenas. Just be careful not to become Sarlac’s dinner. It’s a very real threat in the world star Wars. In fact, there are more chances than you might expect.

CSR 2 Drag Racing Car GamesFree Apparently CSR Racing 2 returns to the ninth Fast and Furious movie for another limited time event. Join the event to get your hands on various cars from the movie, the top prize being a Pontiac Fiero. I think one of them belonged to Tyrese Gibson’s character. There’s also the Jaguar XE SV Project 8, the Toyota GR Supra, and the mid-engined Dodge Charger R/T. Plus, there’s an Easter event with the Rocket Bunny Mazda RX-8 offering, which we all know is the Easter Bunny’s favorite vehicle. There’s more here, but I’ll let you discover them yourself.

Sonic Forces – Racing BattleIs free

Sonic the Hedgehog new movie coming out soon and tails but it’s also and Knuckles. I mean, it will be out soon for most of the world. We’re going to Japan in August because we live in the future and all that. Don’t think too much about it. Just as these new characters are coming into the movie universe, they are also joining the sound forces game universe in the forms that are typical for films. They are so fluffy! There is also a new track associated with this event, so run it and add these new characters to your collection. I will give it UMSres this week’s reward because if you look at Sonic and Knuckles really hard, they look like Spider-Man.

Genshin ImpactIt’s time once again for Genshin Impact Update. Name Purple garden marshmallowthis latest version has added a new character Kamisato Ayato, a new event called shades of purple garden, a new location The Chasm, a couple of new stories, a new weapon called Haran Geppaku Futsu and a new ferocious monster Ruin Serpent. This should keep this rather dedicated and passionate fan base busy for a while. Wait, some people already finished it all? How soon? Oh, it’s coming soon. Well, I guess it happens sometimes. Start waiting for the next update!

Dragon Merge!free It’s been a long time since I turned on Dragon Fusion in these update articles, so heck, let’s take a look. I’m sure there are a few things going on, as is always the case with this game. Also, I can consider this a must-have free puzzle update this week. So it looks like we have some new dragon missions where you can earn some new dragons. There are also apparently a few Magic Orbs and Special Parachutes that can be equipped with gauntlets. So I guess there not some events are taking place, and I look like a complete lump. Ah, Mondays.

Mortal KombatWe’re going to end by taking a look at the WB Games’ active free fighter pair, as they both received updates this week. IN Mortal Kombat, Diamond MK11 Fujin arrives to join his brother in battle. He owns the wind and you could find some advantages by adding him to a team consisting of Raiden and the other Elder Gods. With it comes Elder Wind Tower and Elder Wind Equipment. Diamond variants of Nightwolf and Erron Black are also getting their Brutality in this update. In addition to the new content, there are also some UI improvements, including one that allows you to save and load your preferred talent compositions at your leisure. Careful.

injustice 2Free You know, when I saw this game updated, I thought that it must be related to Batman. But it’s not. Instead, we have another character from DC. Dark Nights: Metal row. Batwoman the Drowned is a new golden character that specializes in debuffs and dangers. She’s great for debilitating opponents, and she can use a full Crisis Energy meter to activate her Ultimate Hydrokinesis, flooding an entire area and resurrecting metal teammates. I wonder if we’ll ever see any of this new Batman click? Seems like a missed opportunity, but these deeper cuts aren’t bad either.

This concludes the important updates of last week. I’m sure I missed some of them, so please feel free to comment below and let everyone know if you think anything should be mentioned. As usual, major updates will likely receive their own news during this week, and I’ll be back next Monday to take stock and fill in the gaps. Have a nice week!

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