Everlasting Consultant of Ukraine to the UN proposed calling Russia Muscovy

Everlasting Consultant of Ukraine to the UN Serhiy Kyslitsa believes that Ukraine can move a regulation in keeping with which Russia can be known as Muscovy.

Supply: Oxide on Twitter

Quote from Bitter: “Let’s take Magyarorschag [Uhorshchyna] (Ukr); Hungary (English); Ungarn (Germany); Hungarians (Poland); Austria – Austria (English); Rakusko (Slovak). Generally, everybody calls the nations no matter they would like [in their language-ed.].

So what prevents us – the Cupboard of Ministers, the Verkhovna Rada (Ukraine’s parliament) – from returning to the historic title of Muscovy?

Their present title is stolen anyway.”

Main points: Kislitsa additionally carried out a ballot about her proposal.

For reference: Muscovy – the historic title of the Russian Federation, first discussed at the maps of the sixteenth century. Muscovy used to be also referred to as Moskovshchina in Ukraine.

Russia (in Greek – Ρωσία) – the Greek and Byzantine title of Rus’, which turned into borrowed for Muscovy.

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