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Mobile MMORPG Ni no Kuni: Crossing Worlds from Netmarble and Level-5 launched in Japan and other countries last year. Ni no Kuni: Crossing Worlds built on Unreal Engine 4 and looks great in every game video. The MMORPG includes PvP, PvE and multiple playable classes, as well as visuals and gameplay that look and sound like the real thing. Ni no Kuni a game. Today, Ni no Kuni: Crossing Worlds confirmed (via RPG website) for a global release in early summer. Ni no Kuni: Crossing Worlds there is music by Joe Hisaishi with cut scenes from Studio Ghibli. Here you will have access to the Engineer, Destroyer, Swordsman, Witch and Rogue classes. Netmarble released two videos for the global release Ni no Kuni: Crossing Worlds. You can watch the animation video below:

Look Ni no Kuni: Crossing Worlds gameplay trailer below:

Visit the official English site here and the official Facebook page for the upcoming release here. Details on pre-registration and pre-orders will likely be revealed at the beginning of the summer release window. If you want to check out the Japanese release Ni No Kuni: Crossing Worldsdownload it in App Store for iOS here and on Google Play for Android here. you played both Ni No Kuni games on any platform and you are looking forward to the global release Ni No Kuni: Crossing Worlds?

[Source: RPG Site]

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