Clemens Strasser’s Vintage Board Game Collection brings Hnefatafl, Latrunculi and more to iOS with online and local multiplayer support – TouchArcade

Clemens Strasser just showed Collection of ancient board games () for iOS. Collection of ancient board games brings many thousands of years old games to iOS with support for local and online multiplayer. These games include Hnefatafl (played by the Vikings thousands of years ago), Latrunculi (a game from Ancient Rome) and other games designed by someone from the country of origin with an aesthetic based on the art of that country. It’s definitely an interesting (and beautiful) way to get into old games. I didn’t hear about any of them until I watched the trailer and went to the App Store page. Collection of ancient board games. Watch the gameplay video below:

With the exception of online, there will be a tutorial mode to play against the AI ​​and learn the basics of the included games. Collection of ancient board games doesn’t have a confirmed release date, but right now it’s listed on the App Store as May 11th. This will be a free download version with an in-app purchase to unlock all features. This will allow others to download it for free and play with those who bought it without having to buy the game for both. The in-app purchase price has not yet been disclosed. More games will be added Collection of ancient board games in future. If you want to check it out, you can pre-order Collection of ancient board games free on the App Store for iOS here.

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