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If you’re going to make a game in such an oversaturated genre as the side-scrolling runner, you better do the right thing with some interesting mechanics that can make you stand out from the crowd. Well, developer David Fu and his friends have apparently realized that this is exactly what they are doing with the upcoming game. Chase Chica. This is a game that I would categorize as an “action runner” since in addition to running and jumping, you also have the ability to attack. Monster Rush compared to something cleaner runner like Kanabalt.

You can both fire projectiles and hit enemies in the head, and the shooting mechanic is what I find particularly interesting as it also pairs with running and jumping. Looks like legendary Downwellfiring your projectiles also keeps you airborne for longer, so not only can you jump and double jump (and even triple jump with the right boost), but you can also hover horizontally while firing from limited ammo.

The game uses a simple left side of the screen for jumping, the right side for a shooting control scheme, and once you turn around use the mechanic to its full potential. Chase Chica becomes a kind of chaotic ballet as you find yourself in all sorts of hectic situations. For me, this is always a sign of a great game, when you can kind of “get into the zone” and quickly perform a bunch of actions almost on a subconscious level. Watch the latest game trailer Chase Chica.

there is a little more Downwell inspiration too. At its core, it’s a “see how far you can go” type of game, but at certain intervals you’ll run into a vendor who offers you 1 out of 3 different random bonuses that you’ll keep for the duration of your action. The longer you stay alive, the more shops you can hit and the more bonuses you can stack. These include things like the previously mentioned triple jump, a shield that protects you from one hit, increased speed, and more.

If Chase Chica ringing your bell because an early version of the “student game” was released back in 2018, 4 years ago, exactly this past weekend, as commemorate through Chase Chica Twitter account. Since then, the team has been working on a fully completed version of the game, which is expected to be released in the very near future. Firstly, they would like to get more feedback from the early players, so if you want to take part in this go to game site where you will find links to test versions of iOS and Android, as well as a link to the game’s Discord server.

According to David Fu on twitterthis is a “done when done” situation, so there is no specific release date for Chase Chica for now, but the current target is the spring 2022 window. Spring will start in less than a week, so be sure to check out these early versions and help shape the final version. Chase Chica before its release.

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