“Catchee” is a fun musical arcade game coming out this Thursday from “HoPiKo” and “PKTBALL” developers Laser Dog – TouchArcade

We’ve been enjoying mobile games from Laser Dog for years now, as this developer knows how to take a bunch of cool mechanics and put them into a game that feels polished from top to bottom. While their earlier names PUK code, Alone…as well as HoPico felt more serious, later titles PKTBOL as well as Don’t grind got on the obviously dumber side of things. The bright colors, fun animations, and funny characters were the stars along with whatever interesting mechanics Laser Dog could come up with. Well, if you thought these games were fun, you obviously haven’t seen anything yet, as Laser Dog describes their new game as “the happiest and funniest game we’ve ever made!!”

The game is called catch and it’s one of those arcade games where you try to catch a bunch of things falling from the sky. In this case, those “things” are the fish roe (I think?) that you’re trying to catch in the bowl, but you’ll be happy to know that there are plenty of unlockable items in the game. catch which will allow you to catch other types of items inside other types of vessels. Want to catch popcorn in a bucket? Eggs in a skillet? Or pooping in the toilet? Well, the last option is weird and I won’t judge you, but these are all options in catch. The big plus of this addictive arcade game is the incredible original soundtrack, filled with catchy melodies (hey, now the name of the game makes sense!) performed by the developers themselves. Seriously, this game is filled with earworms, just check out the trailer.

There are several songs to unlock and each one is split into multiple rounds and you need to catch a certain amount of what you are catching in order to advance to the next round. In the first round, the objects fall more slowly and the song is a simple melody, but in subsequent rounds, additional layers of the song appear and more and faster objects fall. If you think this game is simple just because its premise is so simple, think again. But it’s probably obvious to anyone who’s already a Laser Dog fan. One detail I particularly liked is that the object can bounce off the edge of your container and then spin in the air for a few seconds, giving you another chance to catch it and adding another level of difficulty to the gameplay.

catch and addictive gameplay and catchy tunes will arrive on iOS and Android this Thursday, April 7th. It will be free to play with a single in-app currency to purchase new songs and themed items, and includes things like subscription-rewarded ads to earn currency. You guys already know how to handle things like this. The meticulously polished arcade gameplay is the main attraction, while all the unlockables and coin collection are carrots on a stick in the long run. Careful observers of Laser Dog Twitter account you can find a link to the Testflight version to get to know the game earlier, but there are only a few days left before the full release. catch will hit iOS and Android devices everywhere.

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