Apex Legends Mobile pre-registration open worldwide, new trailer released – TouchArcade

Over 3 years ago, EA and Respawn Entertainment hinted that they were planning to release their popular battle royale game. Complete failure Universe, Apex Legends, to mobile devices. Thanks to numerous beta tests and soft launches since then, most recently a big soft launch for iOS and Android devices that kicked off just a couple of weeks ago, it still feels like we’re getting closer and closer to a full global launch Apex Legends for mobile. Well, a pretty big milestone that seems to confirm that the game is just around the corner is the opening of pre-registration for players around the world, which is exactly what Apex Legends for mobile did today. (Well, most of the world except for China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau, Russia, and Belarus.) Along with that, they released a very nice new trailer showing the game in action.

Man, this game looks so damn cute. I didn’t have a chance to try Apex Legends for mobile during any of its various early releases, but all I’ve heard is good reviews from those who have made it, and I have a feeling this game is going to be BIG. If you are interested in pre-registration, which of course will unlock multiple reward tiers based on the number of pre-registrations, then go to the official site of the game. Android players can pre-register directly in the Google Play Storeand iOS users need to register with their email on the website. According to the counter on the site is already more than 7.5 million players have pre-registered, so yes, this game is going to be big. The FAQ at the bottom of the site also says that the developers plan to release the full version Apex Legends for mobile this summer, and I’m pretty pumped up for it.

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