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New mobile games are added to the App Store every day, so every week we put together a big old list of all the best new games from the last seven days. The App Store used to showcase the same games for a week and then update those features every Thursday. Because of this, developers have gotten into the habit of releasing their games on Wednesdays or very early Thursdays to hopefully get one of those coveted feature spots. Nowadays, the App Store is constantly updated, so the need for everyone to release everything on the same day has decreased. However, we’ve kept our weekly Wednesday night format because for years people have known to check TouchArcade for a list of new games. So, without further ado, please check out the full list of this week’s new games below and let us know in the comments section which games you’ll be picking up!

Aerial_Knight’s Never Yield ($2.99)

Description of iTunes

Survive Tokyo-style futuristic Detroit in this 3D runner that tells the story of Wally, who discovers clues that could change his city forever. Explore the game world to an intoxicating soundtrack featuring authentic Detroit Artist sound.

Forum topic: Never Yield by Aerial_Knight (by Headup GmbH)

Bob’s Tale (Free)

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Welcome to Bob’s Tale! You are now the proud owner of a bubble tea shop! Start your adventure by making drinks for the city dwellers, upgrade your shop and drink recipes to build your bean empire.

Don’t know where to start? Just follow your bean buddies and they will help you start your journey. Boba Tale is a relaxing and non-competitive adventure in the life of a bob. You have to explore the world with endless combinations of upgrades and encounters with city characters.

Can you make millions selling bubble tea? Let’s see!

Forum topic: Boba’s Tale (Devin Le)

Convenience Stories ($5.99)

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Ready to rethink convenience?

Take on the role of a store manager in this charming business simulation. Furnish and furnish the shop with a wide range of goods – candies, drinks and even hot dishes. The choice is yours!

Add a newsstand to sell the latest magazines, comics and more. Just remember – this is not a library!

Forum topic: Convenience Stories (by Kairosoft)

Crush the Castle Legacy Collection (Free)

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The popular physical destruction game Armor Games is back! The Crush the Castle Legacy Collection lets you return to the mayhem and mayhem of the original series with improved graphics and new achievements. Load up your trebuchet with special projectiles to knock down enemies and score high points to propel yourself to victory.

This collection includes all levels from the original Crush the Castle, Crush the Castle: Players Pack, Crush the Castle 2, Crush the Castle 2: Players Pack and Crush the Castle: Adventures.

Forum topic: Crush the legacy of the castle (by Armor Games Inc)

Dead End (Free)

Description of iTunes

You arrive on the outskirts of Darkvale among the endless hordes of the undead.
It would be better to leave this place and you should heed this advice.
Don’t forget the shotgun.

Forum topic: Dead End (by Millstream Games)

Dealer Life 2 ($5.99)

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Bargain like your life depends on it in this fun tycoon game. You never know what will stumble upon that door!

Have you ever thought about building your own empire without the risk of ending up under a bridge? Become a pawnshop owner and bargain like your life depended on it!

Forum topic: Life of a Dealer 2 (by Abyte Entertainment)

The Final Earth 2: Colony Sim (Free)

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Build a great city in this vertical space city builder! Gather resources, then build and explore your way to a better future! Grow your city from a research ship into a huge metropolis full of advanced technologies. What will you build?

The earth has been destroyed and it’s up to your space colony in a tiny world to save humanity! Can you feed, house and entertain everyone and then build the city of your dreams?

Forum topic: The Final Earth 2: Colony Sim (Florian van Strien)

Fish Planet (Free)

Description of iTunes

Fishing Planet® is a unique and highly realistic First Person Multiplayer Online Fishing Simulator designed by avid fishing enthusiasts for anglers to bring you the thrill of real fishing! Choose lures, catch trophies, unlock new opportunities and hone your real fishing skills anywhere, anytime with friends!

Forum topic: Fishing Planet (from Fishing Planet LLC)

John Ray’s Space Adventure ($3.99)

Description of iTunes

A retro adventure game about John Ray, a space archaeologist under contract to the wealthy Mr. Mulgerk. John’s adventure begins with a search for ancient artifacts scattered throughout the local star system. These artifacts are part of a powerful device left behind by the technologically advanced but largely forgotten Xec race.
Travel between planets, talk to humans and robots, make friends, collect inventory items, solve puzzles and interact with the world. This is the best point-and-click gameplay.

Forum topic: The Space Adventures of John Ray (Adam Musial-Bright)

Kawaii Islands – Kawaiiverse (Free)

Description of iTunes

Kawaii Islands creates a fantasy universe in the cloud for multiplayer where you can experience a whole range of simulation games including design, construction, crafting, farming and social networking.

In particular, through the gamification of several DeFi mechanisms, Kawaii Islands will open up a new dimension of mixed entertainment and wealth accumulation for players.

Forum topic: Kawaii Islands – Kawaiiverse (by Imba)

Ninja Dungeon (Free)

Description of iTunes

Ninja’s Dungeon is a parkour-inspired platformer with RPG elements. In this game, you play as a vengeful ninja who has been locked up in a magical dungeon by the evil samurai Akusama. To avenge his murdered family, the ninja must escape challenging dungeons full of dangerous traps and powerful enemies while racing against the clock.
You can improve your abilities by collecting items from each level.
Don’t let the evil samurai Akusama get away, escape the dungeon and avenge your family!

Forum topic: Ninja Dungeon (by Miracle Works Game Studio)

Danger from MDE ($4.99)

Description of iTunes

Peril is a 2D platform adventure game built using Unreal Engine 4. In this game, the main character must fight in different worlds and defeat many enemies, while using a dart as a weapon and a tool to reach new places.

Forum topic: Danger from MDE (Daniel Thurman)

Quiz (free)

Description of iTunes

QuizPig is a 100% free (no ads or in-app purchases) general knowledge quiz game covering 5 main categories: general knowledge, geography and culture, entertainment and sports, history and politics, and science and nature.

Answer questions correctly to earn stars and unlock more quizzes. However, be prepared to be challenged as some of these questions are very difficult!

We had over 300 questions at launch, with more to come in an update very soon.

Forum topic: QuizPig (by Fraser Baugh)

Sengoku ACA NEOGEO ($3.99)

Description of iTunes

SENGOKU is an action game released by SNK in 1991.
Players will fight the ghosts of the past, which have been resurrected to the present in a devastated Washington DC.
Players can use special characters that are limited once they are released. The key to success will be combat, switching between armor-clad wolf, samurai or ninja depending on the situation.

Forum topic: SENGOKU AKA NOEGEO (by SNK)

Slime Labs 2 (Free)

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The sequel to Slime Labs is here! Explore a laboratory full of traps and creatures lurking in the dark. Slime Labs 2 is a physics-based platformer where you control a blob of green slime that can squish, stretch, shrink and attack enemies with its sticky tongue. Collect all the data discs hidden in the levels and upgrade the entire stage.

Forum topic: Slime Labs 2 (by Neutronized)

Soul Rush (Free)

Description of iTunes

Dungeon with turn-based combat.

Soul Tide is an original game that combines anime girl collection, home simulation and dungeon exploration. Set in a fantasy world where witches have ignited doom on earth, it is up to players to turn the tide.

Forum topic: Soul Rush (by LemcnSun Limited)

Tamashi: Yokai Rise (Free)

Description of iTunes

Tamashi: Rise of Yokai is an anime style 3D MMORPG where you can cross paths and fight side by side with all sorts of yokai and guardian spirits named Tamashi. The game offers an exciting experience of becoming a demon slayer in a gorgeous but dangerous world with cute characters, finely tuned action system and stunning visuals. Invite your friends and start your adventure right now!

Forum topic: Tamashi: Yokai Rise (by EYOUGAME)

Tower Jump (Free)

Description of iTunes

Reach the top and don’t back down! Tower Jump is a platform game where you have to get to the top
– Retro style graphics
– Hold to charge and release to jump
– Fight your way up with patience and concentration
– Difficult to finish

Forum topic: Tower Jump (from Pala Gabor)

Treasure Temples ($4.99)

Description of iTunes

Two young adventurers have discovered a series of ancient treasures hidden deep under the snows of Antarctica! It’s up to you to guide them through this puzzle adventure where every step counts. Literally, as the ancient floor tiles crumble behind you with every step you take!

In each room, you will need to find a path that will lead you to all the gold and then return safely to the exit. The crumbling floor tiles are the main hurdle to reach this goal, but as you progress, you’ll also have to deal with death traps, ancient guardians, and possibly more… All that glittering gold seems to have caught the attention of something rather large lurking. . right below the surface of the water.

Forum topic: Treasure Temples (by GAMEDIA BV)

The Wizard Rolls ($1.99)

Description of iTunes

Dice game with deck building

Choose your skills and roll 4 wizard dice. If the combination of dice matches, you will cast extraordinary magic spells. Let’s go on an epic adventure. Over 70 skills with different combinations of dice. Create your own powerful wizard to fight over 70 unique monsters.

Forum topic: The Wizard Rolls (Ching Hung Chiu)

Predator’s Word (Free)

Description of iTunes

Word of Prey is a game where you compete against each other for every word. Speed ​​is the name of the game; once you guess the word, it switches to the next word for you and your opponent. Compete for every word to come out on top!

As you win more games, you unlock lobbies that have more difficult words with more letters. Do you think you have everything you need to solve the encrypted eight-letter word?

Forum topic: Word of Prey (by Big Fish Code)

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